Monday, 1 September 2008

Echo Monthly News - Issue 1

The echo-icon-theme development team just officially released its first
Echo Monthly News Issue. In this release we cover these sections:

  1. New Icons
  2. "Huge" icons - 256x256
  3. One Canvas Work-Flow
  4. Automating the secondary jobs
  5. Echo for Fedora 10?
  6. Future plans
  7. Request for feedback

Since it's our first release it is not perfect and therefore we will
appreciate any feedback, suggestions for improvement, etc. at the
fedora-art-list and #fedora-art at :-)

Or you can add comments here, in my blog ;-)


Anonymous said...

Have you considered seeing about integrating this with FWN? I would have thought they'd be happy to have an extra piece once a month :)

Martin said...

It is a separate project, but since we post the announcement to art-list Nicu will use it as source for the art section of FWN as well. But of course, if they are interested, I suppose we can add the whole Echo Monthly News Issue section to FWN as well.