Sunday, 7 August 2011

Nodoka Concept Art – Noir WIP

Well, err, it's been a while ;-) And in order not to stall forever I made an attempt to start designing a really, really dark version of Nodoka. Perhaps it would be more fitting to say that I started playing around with Inkscape as I still don't have a clear idea what it should look like… Anyway, here's some preview, I've called it [fittingly] Noir (click on it to see it in actual size):

Hopefully, sometime in the future I'll finish all these concepts and start writing the actual code but seeing how much spare time I have, it seems to be rather distant future… Anyway, comments are welcome and sketches even more so. Get source SVG now!

See an older post for the other two styles concept art.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Fedora 15 Sometimes Really Suck

Here's a list of problems:
  1. Some GTK3 apps don't start at all (evince does, gedit and charmap does not)
  2. Printing from GTK3 apps doesn't work.
  3. Ugly symbolic icons show up in my xfce try panel (ibus currently).
  4. Printer does no longer offer High quality colour/greyscale options.
  5. XFCE does not save my mouse settings. It gets reset every time I either switch to VT, log out or plug out and back in.

I've never had such serious problems before with any stable release of Fedora since Fedora Core 3 (which was my first). I'm seriously disappointed, especially by the fact that some devs just don't care at all (the first bug blocks a load of useful apps to start, it's nearly three months old, reproduced by more people and still no reaction from the devs). I was even forced to install Adobe Reader to be able to print PDFs. However, it stopped working as well now…