Monday, 9 May 2011

Maybe It's Me Who's "Obsolete"

Lately I've been thinking that maybe the reason why I don't get along with GNOME 3 is not gnome's fault but rather my fault. Why? Here's a couple of reasons.
  • I prefer real paper and pen when it comes to math/physics, which however wastes lots of time…
  • Capitalistic society is kind-of maze-like for me.
  • In lots of tasks I prefer CLI/TUI to GUI tools.
  • I have neither facebook nor twitter account.
  • I prefer acoustic musical instruments to electronic ones.
  • I prefer to write (x)html/css in text editor, i.e. with all the tags written by hand.
  • I use TeX.
  • I prefer classical music to popular music (in a sense of rock, metal, hip-hop, pop, disco, ...)
  • I find kissing in public place embarrassing if not inappropriate (isn't that personal stuff?).
  • Sometimes I wish I were born in pre-industrial era in some scarcely-populated forested mountains.
  • I prefer real books to e-books and still read them (currently I'm reading Dance, Dance, Dance by Haruki Murakami).
  • My primary means of e-communication is e-mail, but I prefer meeting and talking with people IRL.
  • I use mobile phone solely for making calls, writing/reading sms and checking trains' schedules, I don't have a smartphone.
  • I dislike dynamic web, the most I can fathom is youtube, e-shopping and e-banking.
  • I think playing with C preprocessor, fortran, ruby etc. is fun. I don't like Java, C++ and C#.
  • I prefer 2D computer games to 3D ones.
  • I believe getting a girlfriend is always because in the long run I'd like to marry her. I dislike divorce and "love promiscuity" (i.e. changing girlfriends/boyfriends often), (although on the other hand I don't mind different than usual kinds of set-ups [like gay or lesbian marriage, harem, reverse harem, etc.] and consensual prostitution [i.e. offering sexual services as a paid and taxed product without either party being forced into it])
  • I believe that the inside is more important than looks in case of (wo)men.
  • Ok, this list is long enough, isn't it? Time to stop it with: I don't like parties and loud music.

Looking at this list, it seems pretty obvious why I'm frustrated with GNOME 3 and happily switched to XFCE since Fedora 15 (and why, despite me being 23, I still don't have a girlfriend)…

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Killing Anybody Is Not a Reason to Celebrate

In Christianity you have 10 Commandments, one of which tells you not to kill. Buddhism says something along the lines of offering bread to one who throws a stone at you.

Any human being of good will should feel at least a bit sad when another living thing dies. That's part of the reason in some cultures it's considered good manners to thank for food before eating it – not the cook, but the nature (or god[s]).

Yet, people apparently celebrate when someone considered bad is killed. I honestly feel sad and disgusted when I hear of such things. Just how exactly are we better than them (TM) when we're doing exactly the same (forcing our believes onto them, killing many innocent people in the process, and then celebrating when one of them is killed)?

If you want to see better future, start with making yourself better.

That my today's memo.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Another Update to Nodoka Concept Artwork

With another time spared to working on Nodoka I've finished the GLOSSY style concept artwork. See for yourself:

To remind you, here's the MODERN style concept artwork – this will be the default style once the code will have been written…

Before moving on onto the next stage of development I plan to prepare a special style aimed for especially dark themes but I don't have yet a clear image of what it should like yet so *hint, hint* if you'd like to propose something now's the time *hint, hint* ;-)

PS: The progress indicator (the blue round snake-like thing) in GLOSSY style was real pain in the butt to design to look at least approximately how I'd like it to and the result is quite messy. If there's any inkcape guru who might know some pointers how to make it more easily and cleanly, please spare a little bit of your skills with me ;-)