Sunday, 1 May 2011

Another Update to Nodoka Concept Artwork

With another time spared to working on Nodoka I've finished the GLOSSY style concept artwork. See for yourself:

To remind you, here's the MODERN style concept artwork – this will be the default style once the code will have been written…

Before moving on onto the next stage of development I plan to prepare a special style aimed for especially dark themes but I don't have yet a clear image of what it should like yet so *hint, hint* if you'd like to propose something now's the time *hint, hint* ;-)

PS: The progress indicator (the blue round snake-like thing) in GLOSSY style was real pain in the butt to design to look at least approximately how I'd like it to and the result is quite messy. If there's any inkcape guru who might know some pointers how to make it more easily and cleanly, please spare a little bit of your skills with me ;-)


Fab said...

That is really neat looking! You're doing great work. Can't wait to get a version of this to test. :D

Dreath said...

In a very dark themes when the widget has the same color as background the widget's borders are hard to see. Would it be possible to allow user set the border color or give a kind of glow (like when the widget had focus)? I haven't found this feature in any engine yet. By default borders are always black.

Matias said...

Like like.. :)

Add option of styles to the panels? like menus? :)