Thursday, 11 September 2008

Fedora 10 Artwork

OK, it's around Beta Freeze and as usual we need some feedback for the artwork that's gonna be in Fedora 10. I'll start with Echo icons and follow to the traditional release-dependent things (wallpapers, etc).

Echo Icon Theme

As some of you already knows, echo-icon-theme has been approved as Fedora 10 Feature under the condition that we achieve good enough coverage. First we need to know *what* exactly is good-enough coverage, especially given that the current default has lot of gaps too... The consensus seem to be that we need to cover about the same icons as the current default on the Desktop Live Spin. So, I booted F9 Live and examined which icons are needed. I came up with this list [1]. Based on this list, I counted that the current coverage of what we need to have done for F10 is about 89 %.

Prior to that we focused our efforts at filling the Gnome Menu Bar. We have pretty good coverage of the first level menus and just ending with coverage of second level menus in the System menu. The improvement in System->Administration is vast, since there were about three or four different icon sets used and many of the icons were blurry...

Join Us!

We still need to create about 35 new icons for Fedora 10 and many more after then, also there are lots of icons that might profit from refinement/rework and icons that have missing various sizes. But there are only 2 people actively working on Echo currently which basicaly means we are overwhelmed by work. Therefore it would be great if more people joined the efforts. Creating an icon isn't that much hard. To get started you just need basic skills with inkscape, we'll help you with the rest.

If you are interested to join, pick up some icon to create/modify, tell us (one the fedora-art-list) that you are interested in it and start working on it following the guidelines [2] and first step of the Adding New Icon Set how-to [3]. After you are done send us a notice on the art-list and work with us on further improvements (if we have some suggestions). Once we accept the icon, we'll tell you what to do next :)

F10 Themes

Yesterday I've created, imported and built the themes that made it to Round 3. Install them by
yum --enablerepo=rawhide install gears-backgrounds invinxble-backgrounds neon-backgrounds solar-backgrounds, select them in your wallpaper preferences and give us some feedback on the art list. We still haven't decided which one will be in F10 final, so your opinion might help us decide :)

The candidates are:

Gears [4]

InvinXble [5]

Neon [6]

Solar [7]




Anonymous said...

Oh wow, the artwork is incredibly fantastic! Thanks for packaging them!

Anonymous said...

Btw, despite you have a typo in the install command (should be 'rawhide' not 'rawide'), seems that packager can't find the selected packages. Am i missing something?

Martin said...

lester-dev, thanks for catching the typo :) It is probable that your local mirror hasn't synced up yet, you'll have to either wait more or pull the packages from koji.

Anonymous said...

Echo + Solar = awesome!
I'm using echo-icon-theme on KDE4 and it's impressive. Keep it up!

Luya Tshimbalanga said...

I translated this blog in french.

Rakesh Pandit said...

Cool! Work - amazing! This is wonderful stuff.

rakesh (irc chacha_chaudhry)

Patrick said...

What dock/panel is that?

Martin said...

patric, just a little bit customised gnome-panel (i.e. set partial transparency and added a lot of icons and applets on it).

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Anonymous said...

Thanx dear but i have installed ur fedora themes using ur given command(yum) but it does show in the wallpaper preference why? . i just run "yum --enablerepo=rawhide install gears-backgrounds invinxble-backgrounds neon-backgrounds solar-backgrounds" but nothing it work why i have to do extra tak after this command.

Martin said...

Anonymous, not sure, they show up for me. Do you use something different from gnome?