Sunday, 14 September 2008

Allowing Anonymous Comments

I was asked on #fedora-art to allow anonymous comments on my blog. Previously I allowed only google accounts and openid so it's understandable that some people who'd like to comment could not because they have neither. I am a little bit afraid that allowing anonymous comments will result in spam hitting my blog, but I don't want to moderate eihter (since I can moderate only all posts or none).

After a brief thinking I decided I'll put anonymous comments on probe and enabled them. If it works well, I'll leave it at that, if not I'll disable them again.

What are your experiences with anonymous comments? Do you allow them?


Anonymous said...

It is important to allow them, or at least require name+email.

You can choose to moderate email addresses you have not yet seen on wordpress blogs, which seems to work well enough, and then they will be unmoderated for subsequent posts.

The Akismet spam filter for Wordpress is also HIGHLY useful.

nicu said...

Well, you are using captcha (word verification) and that will keep the spam count low enough.

I allow anonymous comments on my own blog and the spam rate is low enough for me (I had some months ago a punctual attack which almost made me to change my mind, but after it ended almost forgot about spam).

On the other hand, what is your target audience? Fedora community? then anyone in that audience should have an OpenID from FAS.

Julio M. Merino Vidal said...

I've always allowed them in my blogspot blog and have had very few problems with spam since they introduced the Captcha.

The thing is that blogs without anonymous comments really piss me off. Whenever I want to comment on one of those, I just simply avoid commenting (which sometimes is a pity, but well).

Anonymous said...

Check on if your Yahoo Messenger friends are on Invisible mode or not. Also, on this site, you can read others conversations without the requirement to know their credentials.

Hipatic said...

Look the previous comment for what anonymous comments can do! However allowing them is still a necessity