Monday, 15 September 2008

Batch of new mail-* Echo icon

There is a lot icons we need to create for Fedora 10. So we started to make them.

Today I've finished creating all the mail-* icons (both for Actions and Status context). Some of there were previously missing others had inconsistent various size variants and many missing size variants. So I reworked them all in one batch. It's been a lot of work, since it's a lot of icons and not all of them are perfect, but they can be improved later, when/if needed.

It's total of eleven Action icons and six Status icons, so I created two animated GIFs for preview purposes.

Since there is a lot of work to do still, we're constantly looking for new contributors. The only requirements are some basic skill in inkscape and willingness to invest your spare time into making Echo icons. If you are interested, drop us a mail in the fedora-art-list.

There is not much you need to know to get started. These are the most important things you need to have in mind when creating an echo icon ("sorted" as they came up to my mind):

  • We have our own colour palette which you should use in inkscape

  • We use darker contrastive borders compared to lighter fills. This helps defining the icon shape

  • We use three different projections (incorrectly called perspectives in the Guidelines). On the Table for 32x32 and bigger Action icons, Isometric (actually some kind of axonometric) for other contexts for 22x22 and bigger sizes and Flat (plain 2D) for the rest (you can see all the mentioned perspectives in the above icons). Look into Perspective Guidelines for definitions.

  • Brightest spots of fills are on top of objects and little to the right

  • We use simple shadows for all sizes sans 16x16

  • We prefer gradients to highlights/reflections

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