Friday, 12 September 2008

Echo - New package releases, first echo-add-icon script bug

Luya just hit first echo-add-icon script bug - it adds incorrect file references in the build scripts if the folder is empty (sans before the commit (in this case it added system-root-password.svg.png to 256x256/status I fixed the commit as well as the bug in echo-artist script.

New releases

echo-icon-theme-0.3.3 (built for F-8 and F-9)
latest git snapshot built for Rawhide
echo-artist-0.1.1 (built for F-8, F-9 and Rawhide)

Please update the echo-artist package as soon possible (even though the
chances of hitting the aforementioned bug are rather small).

Also, for the F-8/F-9 packages - please test them and post your results to Bodhi (the fedora update system, it's referenced above for the releases).

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