Friday, 5 September 2008

I'm going to FUDCon

Tomorrow (at Saturday) I am going to FUDCon in Brno. I just found my connection to there and it seems I'll be able to be there around 9:30 CEST (UTC+2), supposing that train won't be delayed with is nearly impossible with Czech Railways... Since the connection isn't best, I'll need to skip the social event (or join for only a little while) since last train that can get me home leaves at 20:23 CEST :-(

Anyway, we'll probably keep a session with Nicu about Fedora Art (F10 Themes, Echo, Nodoka, ...) so if you are interested, come to talk with us :-)


Kevin Kofler said...

You're not alone, I'll arrive at 9:17 if the train is on time and my train back goes at 20:17. We can go to the station together, I'll make sure you don't miss your train. ;-)

Kevin Kofler said...

I made it back home safely. I hope you did too. We made a great team, me making sure we didn't get late and you making sure we didn't get lost. ;-)

Martin said...

I did too, even though the train was delayed... :-D