Sunday, 31 August 2008

Some memories from Slovak Paradise

Although I didn't originaly intended to blog about my vacation at the begining of August in Slovak Pradise, today I decided some photos and memories might be worth sharing with the world ;-) So this post will be mostly images with short commentary...

Being Czech, going to Slovak Paradise means traveling about a half a day by car. And there are two important things when you travel - your friends and enough food :-D

Now, what would I expect from vacation? I like hiking - so mountains, forests, rocks, rivers - in short beautiful nature. And here's one of the shots from our first daylong trip:
We did a wrong estimate for the first day and so in the second part of the trip, we began to be pretty exhausted (and thirsty), but still we hoped to achieve what we wanted and progressed steadily up - until we lost the marks :-D Well, about a hour later, we met the marks again, but we accidentally avoided the destination of our trip - a huge rock on a top of a mountain. Since we had some time still, we decided to go up - which was a good choice. After some endless ascent, we finally reached the bottom of the rock:We decided to give it a try and after another five or ten minutes of climbing, we arrived at the top and had a short break.

The rock was freakingly high, as everything beyond its edge seemed terribly deep bellow us. On the photo it does not look that much terrifying though...
Because we exhausted ourselves on the first day, the second day we went on a rather refreshing sightseeing - to Spišský hrad (castle). It was pretty big I'd say and it was pretty interesting day.Our best trip was however another day. It was another daylong (bag-laden) trip to Údolí Suché Bělé (I'd translate it, unskillfully, to English as Dry White Valley). There were lots of waterfalls, ladders and chains so it was also fun. I think the photos speak for themselves...

However, as all nearly-horizontal ladders were made of wood, it was not uncommon to have been broken here and there...
And this is what happens when you let your guard down - your friends will take it as an opportunity to take a photo of your supposedly sleeping self :-D
Well and that's all for this post. I tried my hardest to select the best images from the set we brought back with us from there ;-)


nicu said...

This sounds like fun!

nicu said...

No wallpaper-worthy photos among those? We have the Wallpaper Extras gallery awaiting :D

Martin said...

nicu, not sure - when you display the photos in their original size, you'll quickly discover that the image quaility is IMHO not that good, nevertheless, I'll consider adding some of those (perhaps I could improve them with gimp).

mmahut said...

Very nice/pekne :)

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