Saturday, 30 July 2011

Fedora 16 Verne Wallpaper

Update: test and give karma to KDE side of things so that KDE won't be left out for Alpha when it comes to default ;-) Thanks to Jaroslav "Rezza" Reznik for doing the quick work!

Alpha release of next Fedora installment codenamed Verne is nearing and so is its Alpha freeze. Hence the Fedora Design Team selected a winning wallpaper design and I packaged it for F16 onward. It's currently pending pushing to stable. If you're on F16 or rawhide you'll be able to install these with # yum install verne-backgrounds-gnome for GNOME, # yum install verne-backgrounds-kde for KDE and # yum install verne-backgrounds-xfce for XFCE. At the same time as the new package hits repos an updated desktop-backgrounds that sets is as default for GNOME, XFCE and LXDE-and-alike (e.g. LXDM) will also appear and so in Alpha this should be default everywhere except KDE (these need some more work first and sadly we didn't realized that when creating a design team schedule for F16).

And for those wondering what is the winning picture, here's a screenshot of it in my F15 XFCE desktop ;-)

As usual, the Fedora Design Team is looking for feedback on this via the usual channels:
  • You can comment under this blog post and I'll summarize your opinions to the Design Team.
  • Fedora Design Team mailing list
  • at #fedora-design on, supposing you catch one of the Design Team members there.


lewis41 said...

I like it:
the submarine seems equipped with good defensives tools and proceeds in an unknown ambient with a non invasive approach.


Marcus said...

Dear Martin,

great, thanks for packaging.


Michael said...

The contours of the rocks in the foreground look a little bit too sketchy in my opinion. Otherwise the wallpaper is great! :)

Leif said...

I like the concept... Though it could use some work. I find the submarine might be better with less detail, less of a focal point. Same for the rocks.

What I like:
- the fish
- rays of light
- shades of blue indicating depth/surface

Fun theme this release.

Jaroslav "Rezza" Reznik said...

Sorry, I was a little bit busy this cycle to follow Design Team:( The KDE theming is now in Bodhi - - and I still think we can made it for F16 alpha! Change freeze is today, not sure which updates go to alpha (stable only?) but we still have blocker/NTH process.

So anybody willing to test it - help us :)

Thanks for your work Martin. And generally I agree Michael and Leif. Good spots.