Thursday, 14 July 2011

T-shirt? Erm, what?

So, after seeing nicu's t-shirt meme I felt a strong urge to join it. However, I don't have any other t-shirts than plain black (or at most dark blue) :-D But an idea sprang to my mind – does it have to be t-shirt? Isn't any piece of cloth good? Why not aikidō-gi? And while I am at it, why not add my complete weaponry? Well, here's the result:

Included weapons are: jō (the one I'm doing tsuki with), bokken (wooden sword; well maybe bokutō – what the hell is the difference between those two words?) and tantō (knife). From anime and various samurai films I picked up that tantō should be kept inside the upper part of kimono, but it wouldn't be on the photo then, right? So I put it where samurais used to put their shōto (short version of katana).


nicu said...

awesome! you are not someone to mess with :)

you made me want to clean and post thic picture: unfortunately there are too many leaves in it :(

Martin said...

@nicu: lol, I wouldn't stand a chance against you – your blade looks sharp and I'm still a beginner in aikidō (I have 5th kyū) :-D

nicu said...

is steel but not sharp and i know jack about handling it, so you'll still kick my butt :)