Monday, 23 August 2010

Nodoka GTK Engine 0.7.5 Released, Status Update on 1.x

A few moments ago I released gtk-nodoka-engine-0.7.5 tarball, built it for fedora and submitted as updates. There are more changes and not all of them are bugfixes, hence the jump from 0.7.2 straight to 0.7.5. For Fedora users the changes are smaller as the bug fixes were already present in the packages. Here's the changelog:
  • I did some improvements to build system, one of which fixes upstream bug 39 (people from BSD cannot use GNU extensions to 'install')
  • I fixed greying out of checkboxes in tree-view (red hat bugzilla #513454)
  • This version adds support for GtkScale trough-side-details and fill-level (red hat bugzilla #477941) and support for selection and hilight coloring for separator (red hat bugzilla #478443)
  • It honors GtkEntry::transparent-bg-hint (red hat bugzilla #489111) which means you'll get transparent entries in firefox.
  • I also implemented support for 'entry-progress' detail which means you'll have e.g. page loading progress in epiphany or midori, when shown in location bar, looking finally nice.
  • Finally, I ported the engine to GTK3 and to keep same tarball for GTK2 as well, it was needed to drop support for GTK+ < 2.18.

Please test the fedora packages for possible bugs and give feedback in bodhi, thanks:

I've been also slowly updating the 1.x branch, more specifically the initial widget design for MODERN style and mostly finished it. Here and there some finishing touches would be needed (like I'm not 100 % satisfied with the horizontal versions of the progress bars and scales and notebooks other than with tabs on top), but that's for later phases. When I'll have some more time, I'll start working in initial widget design for GLOSSY style (or maybe I shall call it GLASSY) which should appeal to people who like glass. Of course, comments are welcome and direct help even more so, source SVG for the MODERN style is in git and is always current. Finally, here's a PNG preview (click to show in original size):

Note for people who don't like the blue – I picked my favourite shade of blue, which is incidentally from echo icon color palette, and used it in the design as SELECTED color. It does not necessarily mean I'll end up using this particular colour in the final theme, and it also will be configurable via the Appearance Preferences->Customize Theme->Colors->Selected items. I'm not sure where (and if) this will be in Gnome 3…

And a note about used font: for some reason, I don't recall exactly which, I started using the SVG preview of the font I sketched the other day. The main problem is that it has only one size, no bold, and nothing other than letters of English alphabet and number 1 :-D But surprisingly it looks pretty decent (even though the bold is faked by adding borders to the letters in inkscape…), IMHO.


Anonymous said...

Any chance of you making a package with your theme?

I really like it, and would like to test it

Martin said...

amrlima: That's easier said than done. I haven't even fully designed the widgets and then there comes coding, … Depending on how much time I'll have it can take anything from a month to more than a year… I'll keep posting updates on this blog, so you'll know when it will be in a testable state.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I'll be checking your posts then.

Fedora user said...

Great job!
Are we going to see Nodoka as the default theme again in some future Fedora release?
The default Clearlooks theme adopted by Fedora 13 is not bad, but it looks a little "basic" and... boring.