Saturday, 7 August 2010

Nodoka ported to GTK+ 3

Yes, I've finally updated gtk-nodoka-engine so that it supports GTK+ 3. It was rather time consuming (because of that I went to sleep at 3:30 AM) but easier than I initially thought it would be. Plus I was able to maintain support for GTK+ 2.18 and newer (which is in Fedora 12). Today I went a little more further, added the entry-progress rendering, I had in my TODO list since this was introduced, and uploaded the resultant packages (for F12 only gtk2 version, for F14 both, I don't have F13 to build packages for that) on my fedorapeople space. Here're quick tables of the packages (all the packages are either i686 or noarch):

Fedora 12

gtk-nodoka-engine GTK+ 2.0 Nodoka Engine + default theme
gtk-nodoka-engine-extras More themes for GTK+ 2.0 Nodoka Engine

Fedora 14

gtk2-nodoka-engine GTK+ 2.0 Nodoka Engine + default theme
gtk2-nodoka-engine-extras More themes for GTK+ 2.0 Nodoka Engine
gtk3-nodoka-engine GTK+ 3.0 Nodoka Engine + default theme
gtk3-nodoka-engine-extras More themes for GTK+ 3.0 Nodoka Engine
gtk-nodoka-engine Metapackage, pulls in both gtk{2,3}-nodoka-engine packages
gtk-nodoka-engine-extras Metapackage, pulls in both gtk{2,3}-nodoka-engine-extras packages

I'm planing on testing these packages on my laptop for some time and if I don't discover any regressions I'll officially release 0.7.5, submit the gtk3 version into fedora as well as update the gtk2 version.

Any testing is welcome, the packages are easilly rebuildable from the srpms (which you can easilly find on my fedora people space) for any fedora starting F12 and any architecture. If you encounter any problems, be it build issues or bugs in the engine, feel free to nag me in comments section :-)


Benjamin Otte said...

You know that we are currently in the process of completely revamping rendering for Gtk 3? And you know that that will most likely include a new themeing framework?

Martin said...

Benjamin, yes, but that's about all I know. So far Gtk 3 renders +/- the old way...

J. C. Prada said...

why was nodoka droped as the default theme for Fedora?... I liked it more than the old and boring Clearlooks that is used now ...

Martin said...

J. C. Prada: That's more of a question for the fedora desktop team than for me, I have no say in that matter. They just said clearlooks has less glitches than nodoka and they're switching to clearlooks. I haven't ever learned what those glitches are though…

Marcus Moeller said...

Dear Martin,

I cannot find the packages on your fedorapeople account anymore, nor in rawhide.

Are you planning to push them, as we are in need for a common theme for Xfce (any maybe LXDE).


Martin said...

Hi Marcus,

unfortunately, the changes that subsequently happened to gtk3 theming practically created a need to rewrite most of the engine from the scratch which is the kind of work I currently don't have enough time to face :-(

In short I can get the engine to build quite easily, but to get it working would be a hell lot of work.