Tuesday, 7 September 2010

My simple desktop

In order to relieve some stress from studying for my next exam I decided to participate in the show-your-desktop-on-the-fedora-planet thing.

So here's the screenshot:

  • Gnome of F12, dual-booting with F14 where the desktop looks very similar
  • Simple gradient on top panel, semi-transparency on bottom panel.
  • Exploiting nautilus to show my school timetable on desktop (this is becoming more and more broken with every other release of fedora…)
  • Rather tidy desktop with just a small number of icons, favourite app launchers assorted in bottom panel.
  • One of the candidates for the default F14 wallpaper as background image.
  • Six desktops, task based usage.
  • Echo Perspective icon theme.
  • Nodoka for metacity and gtk.


Vincent-Xavier said...

How do you get nautilus to display your timetable ?

Martin said...

Vincent-Xavier: put the SVG or PNG on desktop, right-click, Stretch Icon..., resize to desirable size and you're set.