Saturday, 5 March 2011

Two Things in F15 That Are New For Me

  • I switched to Fedora n+1 even before Alpha for the first time. Full-time. And I'm not looking back.
  • I'm using XFCE now and I'm not looking back.

So if I had to find anything positive on GNOME 3 it would be that it brings more attention to alternatives, mostly XFCE. So I propose this: "Let's stop shouting about Gnome 3, where we are not being listened to, and try our luck with XFCE." So I started a wiki page for gathering suggestions (feel free to add yours/start discussion on its discussion page). The goal is: make XFCE rock in Fedora 16.


Hezy said...

Good luck with Fedora and welcome to Xfce. I've been using Xfce for a while now (with Debian/Ubuntu/Mint) and I'm very happy with it. There are many good improvements in the recent Xfce 4.8, without braking the tradition of simplicity. I think that the next wave of distros based on Xfce 4.8 may gain many new users. It will be interesting to see the next version of Fedora Xfce.

Kevie said...

I began using XFCE at the start of February with the release of Crunchbang and I really love it. I'm not convinced that gnome 3 (and more specifically gnome shell) is anything more than a fad that might be nice to try but annoying as a day to day desktop environment. I've been a gnome user since I started using Linux back at Ubuntu 7.10 and this is the first time I've looked to change environments. I've never taken to KDE and with gnome dropping the traditional desktop layout, 2012 might be huge years for XFCE and LXDE. I wish gnome all the best, but at this point I don't feel gnome shell is my prefered desktop layout.

nicu said...

give thumbnails on the desktop and intuitive placement of launcher/applets on the panel and i would switch in a heartbeat.

however, i am unsure this is a target for F16... IIRC the previous Xfce, 4.6, was launched roughly a year ago, so probably is more like F17

antistress said...

"I'm using XFCE now"
what about gnome 3 legacy ? (gnome 3 is supposed to also launch its new architecture with the current GUI)

Martin said...

antistress: It's not just gnome-shell that annoys me. Everything in Gnome 3 is being dumbed down, not to mention the ugly 3-shades-of-grey icons that just don't disappear no matter what icon theme I set. The Gnome 3 fallback mode just shouts at you: "You cannot use gnome-shell? Then get lost."