Saturday, 12 March 2011

Tiny Update to Nodoka Glossy Concept Artwork

So, yesterday evening and today after lunch (I was cooking kung pao) I had some spare time so I progressed a little on the nodoka glossy style concept artwork. From the experience I've gained over the years of working on nodoka I have to say that designing scrollbars is one of the hardest part of widget theming… Here's the preview (click on the image to see it in full size):

And as usual, comments welcome, help even more so ;-)

PS: for the people who'd like to complain about blue, windows or mac:
  • This is concept art. Colours are previews.
  • Blue is the colour of Fedora.
  • I like this shade of blue.
  • Yet I don't like the blue Windows XP theme.
  • I haven't ever used Mac and I don't know very much the theme they're using, this concept is based on what Andy Fitzsimon once send me ;-)


Anonymous said...

Looks great :)

Anonymous said...

I think the progress bar should be bigger than scroll bar, in all cases the scroll bar looks too thick (even if it is not measured in pixels, it is just the perception because of the rounded corners of the handle).

I also like this shade of blue:)

I like better when the focus ring has colour (in the mock it looks like a shadow), visual queues are very important IMO.

Martin said...

malwkgad: Point taken. I originally made it even 2px bigger but didn't like it so I remade it like it is now. But as you say, it could probably work better even smaller than that :-)

As for the shadow – I was just experimenting with how the button looks with shadow and I think it might work for accenting hoover-on effect. Focus ring will be probably blue, like usual ;-)

Anonymous said...

Is this for GTK3? I won't hesitate to experiment with it on Gnome3 if it is.

Martin said...

twohot: concept artwork means what it says – it's half-complete fake screenshot drawn in inkscape. In the long run I'm hopping to make both gtk2 and gtk3 variants of the theme, but that's still miles away (unless someone helps with coding ;-))

nicu said...

the kung pao link is broken :p

Christoph said...

A-W-E-S-O-M-E ! ! !

Martin said...

@nicu: Thanks for pointing it out. Typical mistake from hurrying things up. It should work now :-)

Jason said...

I think this is looking sweet! I am excited to see where you take it from here. I've been testing out Fedora 15 and would love to replace the default theme with this. Keep up the excellent work!

Matias said...

Helloo. Any progress?

I love Nodoka. But I have two requests.

First, perhaps a bug, Nodoka does not respect the option "menubarstyle = 0 # 0 = flat" and neither option "GtkMenuBar::shadow-type = GTK_SHADOW_NONE" (This latter works with murrine and ClearLook)
I would expect to be completely flat, but add a separator below the menu.

The second, more complicated to explain, is not to draw any gradient, when the buttons have GTK_RELIEF_NONE, independently the state of the button. like oxygen-gtk. You need only draw the edges, but any gradient background.
Thus, it does a completely transparent xfce4-panel for example.

Please.. Install oxygen-gtk on xfce with composite, and you will understand better what I ask.

Thanks to all.

Martin said...

Hi Matias. To answer your question – nope, I didn't have time to make another progress on nodoka, sadly.

The thing with menu is intentional, the setting is for menu gradient only. Thanks for the suggestion with GTK_SHADOW_NONE, I'll add it to my good-to-add list.

The thing with buttons is a feature, I'd say. I tested the oxygen-gtk theme, as you suggested, and I see what you mean. The side effect would however be that the buttons would have no gradient in toolbars either, which is not what I would like to have in nodoka. I could maybe add some option to the engine like e.g. draw_only_frame, but I don't think it's worth it – AFAIK you can match xfce panel in gtkrc and set different engine, e.g. pixmap, there.