Sunday, 27 February 2011

What's Up With Nodoka

It's been a while since I've written something about nodoka and as some questions keep flowing I decided to write up a short status update. Let's start from the beginning. When gtk3 started to get into Fedora during F14 development I updated the engine to work with it. However as time and gtk3 development progressed the themeing was completely rewritten in a way that basically warrants a complete engine rewrite to make it work properly.

So I'm afraid I have to disappoint you all as you'll have to live without nodoka for gtk3 for still some time (basically until I find enough motivation and time to port it). Of course if there'd be a volunteer(s) who would port the engine code and/or rewrite at least one of the themes to work with gtk3 that would be greatly appreciated.

However, I've not been completely stale either. Since I'll need a rewrite for the gtk3 version as well I slowly resumed on the design part of things and updated a little the glossy style. Here's what I've got so far, comments are welcome.

And here's the other style concept work (that I completed some months ago) for comparison:


Anonymous said...

It looks really nice! :-)

Christoph said...

Both designs look awesome! Keep up the good work. I wish Fedora sticked to Nodoka but if we can get one of your designs for GTK+ 2 and 3, we will definitely use it in Xfce and LXDE.

Anonymous said...

Please make the ugly styling of the default fedora themes stop.

Please no trendy glossy aqua inspired theme, and PLEASE no blue colored window frames (don't tell me you were a fan of the Windows XP theme...)

In short, please, no trendy ugly things, thank you.

nicu said...

@Martin: I like better the first concept but the widgets are a bit too round for my taste (the second concept is too dark for me)

@Anonymous: blue is part of Fedora's identity, is natural for the widgets to be blue.

Martin said...

@nicu: Yup, the glossy concept is meant to be more eye-catchy, plus the original sketches for it came from Andy Fitzsimon ;-), while the other one is meant as sane, non-obtrusive default and it somehow ended more dark than I originally intended it to be :-D

nicu said...

Speaking about Andy, do you know he's now in Prague? (working for SUSE)... get him for a beer and teach him about glossy :)

And speaking about Prague... a friend of mine, Ionut, is there... he was a Romanian Fedora ambassador and now works for SUSE with Andy. And yet another friend, Adrian, you meet him in Brno, moved from Bucharest to Prague last week but fortunately he does not work for SUSE too :D

Anonymous said...

second concept rules!

Milozzy said...

Oh my...your secondo concept it's just awesome!!!