Wednesday, 2 February 2011

F15 Alpha Wallpaper — Package Review Needed

So, it's the time of year again, alpha freeze approaches and first version of wallpaper is being packaged and thus I need someone to do a quick review. I could do a swap review if desired.

And here's an obligatory screenshot (yes, it is rawhide and no, it is not gnome, it is xfce).

Comments on the wallpaper are welcome (as well as pointers on how to make it appear in xfce background chooser other than adding manually).

EDIT: Thanks to Tim Lauridsen the package is now reviewed :-)


Kevin Fenzi said...

xfconf-query -c xfce4-desktop -p /backdrop/screen0/monitor0/image-path -s /path/to/background.whatever

should add and set the background from the command line. ;)

Anonymous said...

That is really beautiful, I hope it becomes the default.

Anonymous said...

Has this 70's child cartoonish look to it, nice :)

Martin said...

Kevin Fenzi: Thanks, that's nice :) But I was looking more for a way to add it to the backgrounds selector (for all users) e.g. when installing a package with wallpaper(s).

Anonymous said...

I definitely like it! Will wait for them in rawhide repo.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! Really Really nice.
Congrats !

Fred ;)

Anonymous said...

Looks like birds in a cage :/

Nathan Thomas said...


And... welcome to Xfce! :-)

Fedora Xfce user