Sunday, 17 October 2010

Some Things Suck

Like trying to stuff usable desktop on a CD… No thanks to that the time of day animation wallpaper won't be installed by default in Fedora 14—because some spins went oversize. So, first in order to help fix the oversize issue, please log in to bodhi, download the new update, test it and give karma. And second, those who would like to use the animated wallpaper, it can be installed via laughlin-backgrounds-animated-gnome (after the package is in repos, or by downloading it, and it's deps, from koji).


Piotr Drąg said...

So how's not having animated background makes a desktop unusable?

Martin said...

Piotr, you misunderstood my point. Not having an animated background is just a side effect, the main problem is that while everything grows, we still want to target CDs for some of our desktop spins. The result is that fonts are removed, language support is removed, office suite is removed, … The outcome is that you manage to stuff the most basics on CD, and the installation takes about 5 minutes, but before you're left with really usable desktop, you have to partake in at least another 30 minutes of installing apps that you actually need to use your desktop as something more than fancy portal to the internet.

PS: please bear in mind that this is rather exaggerated but we're approaching such state slowly yet steadily ;-)

Anonymous said...

It's rather more about the time-of-day changes suddenly landing very close to the final change deadline, with little warning that they were coming at all; it certainly completely surprised me. Maybe if the spins owners had been aware that the change was coming, and if it had landed earlier, we would have been able to come up with a better resolution.