Monday, 11 October 2010

New Murrine in Fedora?

As requested in a bug report I'm pushing the 0.98.x series of Murrine Gtk+ engine into Fedora. With this we'll get support for the newest Murrina themes, however as there are lots of changes, I decided, after long thinking, that in accordance with our updates policy it would be acceptable to push it to F14 and onward, if I manage to squeeze it in before the final freeze. Which means — I need positive karma points for you to be able to use themes like these:


Valent Turkovic said...

Would you like to see murine as default gtk-engine in Fusion Linux ( ?

If you help out we can make it happen.

Martin said...

Valent: what kind of help do you mean? I'm not interested in developing Fusion Linux, but might help a little on the Fedora side of things, within my limited time and knowledge ;-)

Valent Turkovic said...

Hi Martin, no problem, I wouldn't want to ask you to develop Fusion Linux or work anything that you don't want to.

Would you help out with making Fusion Linux default GNOME theme pretty?

If you want we can use Murrine or any other GTK engine and theme you thing would fit bets.

Also any other things you would like enhance you are welcome to.

Valent Turkovic said...

I managed to install latest murrine-gtk 0.98 via rawhide repo but I still get the same issue as I did with 0.9 on Fedora 13:

You can see buttons? Any idea why is that happening?

This is Alliance theme you suggested.

Martin said...

Valent, you mean the buttons in window title? Well, this is not murrine's fault, I'd blame the theme or metacity. How it works in compiz and mutter (gnome-shell)?

As for seeing Murrine in Fusion Linux by default, I am pretty agnostic on that (after all, I also develop Nodoka…). If you'd like suggestions you'd probably best to consult Fedora Design Team to get more ideas than just mine but the final decision should of course lie on people involved in Fusion Linux Development ;-) As I said, I'd help on Fedora side of things within my limited time and resources (like packaging different gtk engine should you need it) :)