Sunday, 27 September 2009

Kanji/Hanzi lookup problem [漢字検索の問題]

Dear lazy web, I've been having troubles finding a certain kanji (respectively its computer counterpart which is its byte representation in any charset, usually unicode) and since the Fedora Planet is read by an audience that includes native Japanese/Chinese I figured someone might have better means for finding the answer than I have. Here are two pictures of the said kanji with its reading in a compound word, the kanji I have problems to find is the left one and throughout the internet it's usually substituted with 聶, which however has on the top the ear radical (KanXi: 128) instead of the grass radical (KanXi: 140):

I've tried to find it (with zero luck) in various kanji/hanzi online dictionaries ranging from jisho to cojak .Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


tkng said...

The kanji you mentioned is originally created by Hayao Miyazaki, a Japanese animation film director. He created not only the kanji but also the word 'Sekki'. He said that "Sekki means a story passed by word of mouth". His film named 'Princess Mononoke' might be named 'Ashitaka Sekki'.

Therefore the kanji is not in the Unicode.

Martin said...

@tkng, thanks for the info, it's not that I do not know about it from Mononoke -- I was actually looking up the original japanese title of 'Ashitaka Sekki' piece by Joe Hisaishi but I didn't know that Miyazaki actually created the kanji and the word.