Friday, 13 June 2008

subtitleeditor in repos now

I have good news for all the people using Fedora to create/edit subtitles. Recently I wanted to edit some subtitles for a certain movie so I looked for nice GTK applications suited for the work. I've found two
While the former had been in Fedora repos already and has the very kind of interface I am used to (it is gnome app from the bottom to the top, so I felt like I knew already how to work with it), it lacks some interesting features subtitleeditor has (and it's written in mono, unlike subtitleeditor...). Since subtitle editor was not in fedora yet and did not depend on any non-free/patented stuff, I decided to package it.

I was quite suprised by the speed of the Package Review, since with all my previous packages it was like forever before someone noticed it... So the review had been done quite fast and I had built it to rawhide and submitted for updates-testing in F-8/9. And today it got pushed to stable updates in F-8/9 so I might consider it being in the repos, now officialy :-)

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