Thursday, 19 June 2008

Epiphany WebKit II.

Because there were some improvements lately both in epiphany and in WebKit-gtk I decided to write another post about it.

So far I can say it behaves quite nicely and seems subjectively faster than epiphany with gecko backend. Also due to epiphany-gecko instantly crashing after upgrade to xulrunner-1.9 it's also my default browser for the time being, so I guess I am quite acquainted with it already...

Since my last post I noticed especially these improvemets:
  • zoom-text is now implemented and works, webkit-gtk also supports full zoom, so if anyone is interested, he's welcome to open new bug with necessary patch with relevant config option to epiphany at gnome bugzilla

  • scrolling seems smoother, only when there are a lot of big images on the page or flash movie, it remains in old "non-smooth" mode. But with text only it is as smoth as it can be :-)

  • and the most awesome is: find. Now finding text inside page is working flawlessly and it's damn fast, I remember in epiphany-gecko it's a bit laggy, but here as soon as you type one letter, you have half of the page content highlighted (in addition to selecting the first found matching text on the page, it also highlights all found matches) ;-)

And now the thing that bugs me most: the font fallback with either pango or fontconfig backend (fedora uses pango) is still crapy - and as a result I cannot read Japanese pages - in place of kanji or kana there is only white space :'(
The webkit guys seems to be aware of the problem but not quite apt to fix it, so if anyone with pango knowledge would help fix this bug he'd be praised by all japanese, chinese, korean, ... webkit-gtk users (and me) :-)

Irregular builds of webkit-gtk can be get at my fedora people page:

Because debuginfo is a little too big, I do not ship it, but you can get it if you rpmbuild --rebuild the source rpm.


antistress said...

i hope also that the search field is on top of the screen (like with Safari) and not at the bottom (like with Firefox or Epihany-gecko) which is a non sens
I'd like to have something like that :

Martin said...

I don't dare say that one or the other is nonsensical, but I am used to the bottom one and it does not seem to me like badly positioned ;-)

antistress said...

The bottom has always been for statusbar. The bottom is used to display information about the status of the application.
Commands have always been at the top of the screen.
The only exception is the Search Field in Firefox/Epiphany-gecko.
That's non sens.
Think that the user will have to select the Search entry in the Edition menu at the top of the screen to get a Search field at the bottom of the screen : the user may probably not even notice the Search Field !

Martin said...

He do not have to select it. Just hit ctrl-F and start typing.

antistress said...

That's a shortcut, not discoverable though.
New user will use the menu.
GNOME usually doesn't forget new users...

jensck said...

Thanks for the WebKit RPMs - what about Epiphany WebKit RPMS?

Martin said...

It's more convenient to do a local build with --program-sufix=-webkit and --prefix=/home/[user]/Applications and set appropriate bash variables to look into /home/[user]/Applications/bin for binaries as well... That way I can keep both epiphany with gecko and with webkit. Making rpm that would be installable alongside the fedora epiphany would require more work...

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