Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Fedora 16 Verne Beta Wallpapers

It's been a while since I pushed the updated wallpapers but now I finally got the will to post about it. First see the updated beta wallpaper:
Next, I'd like to remind you that in Fedora 16 we again have supplemental wallpapers and what's more: since Fedora 16 all the supplemental wallpapers appear not only in GNOME's and KDE's wallpaper choosers but also in XFCE's. Enjoy:
The full selection (with original images and info) is available at F16 Artwork wiki page.

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Viktor said...


I need a bit help with Fedora wallpapers on XFCE.

I an newbie on Fedora 16 XFCE, and I love the new wallpaper. But I removed it once, wanting to check the other wallpapers, but I can't find it as no Fedora wallpapers appear in the Wallpaper chooser. Only the usual XFCE.

What's even more strange, Conky still shows the old, original Fedora 16 wallpaper (Conky is transparent).
And also the terminal, if set on transparent, shows the original wallpaper.

So, the questions are:
Where does Fedora keeps it's wallpapers in XFCE?

How do you change them?

Thanking you in advance,