Thursday, 18 February 2010

New Fedora 13 Goddard Backgrounds Comming!

UPDATE 1st May 2011: If you wonder why this rather old post appeared on fedora [design] planet, it's because I discovered a typo in one of the post labels and fixed it, and the planets think the post got updated... Sorry about the noise.

Yes, it's the time of the release cycle again. The time where new wallpaper comes to your machines. Well, strictly speaking not yet but the design-team decided on the default wallpaper for Goddard (Fedora 13) Alpha and I've packaged it, prepared a scratch build and put it up for review. The division this time is like this:
  • goddard-backgrounds — installs everything (and a kitchen sink ;-P)
  • goddard-backgrounds-gnome — the default wallpaper for Gnome
  • goddard-backgrounds-kde — installs the default wallpaper for KDE
  • goddard-backgrounds-single — contains images for single screens
  • goddard-backgrounds-dual — not yet present but will contain dual screen images
  • goddard-backgrounds-extras-{single,dual,gnome,kde} — not yet present but if we put together extras wallpapers this is where they'll reside; the division is same as for the default ones

I hope this division is final (I really feel we need naming guidelines for this stuff as so far with every release we used a bit different naming scheme :-( ) and will be used without problems for all future wallpaper releases as well. Oh and here's a screenshot of it in action:

Update: Oh, and... One of the magic ways how to install the gnome versions without much hassle is this:
Start terminal, then

$ wget '' ''
$ pkcon install-local *goddard-backgrounds*

The '*' are there because wget saves the package as getfile?taskID... :-( Don't forget to remove the downloaded packages afterwards.


Anonymous said...

a little bit offtopic. whats up with nodoka 0.8?

Martin said...

Due to lack of time it's on hold ATM, but I haven't abandoned it, don't worry ;-)

Ahmed said...

Hi Martin
i tried to install the new nodoka 0.8 after downloading from git.fedora
but the problem is there is no configure file ,
i can't do :
./configure --prefix=/usr ; make ; make install

so any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance

Martin said...

Ahmed, what's in git is as bare as possible. Everything that can be autogenerated is omitted. You need to run

autoreconf --install

first (you'll need autotools installed to do that).

Ahmed said...

Hi Martin ,
i did what you said but i got this error:
aclocal: couldn't open directory `m4': No such file or directory
autoreconf: aclocal failed with exit status: 1

i had
automake,automake,libtool,gettext installed , i think they are the autotools

so any solutions ?

Martin said...

Ahmed, mkdir m4 should help ;-)

Ahmed said...

Thanks Martin ,
Good Work :D