Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Constantine Wallpapers Package

UPDATE: The packages are now in koji. Per frequent request I've moved Constantine Statue to default from extras.

I've just put together initial packages for Fedora Constantine release. Their contents is based on the initial feedback we received on the design-list. The packages are on my fedorapeople page and this is what will your background selector have after installing both of them:

Feedback welcomed preferably on the design-list, alternatively you can comment in this blog post. To further clarify, the two wallpapers (mosiaco and underwater mosaic) that are included in the main package are our current candidates for the default wallpaper. Please note that they are very early work and in the final release will look a lot better ;-) The rest that is in the -extras package are wallpapers that we are considering as extras – in Fedora 12 we are going to include four additional wallpapers targeted at specific audiences.


Leif said...

This one is fantastic:


A contender for the cleanest, most professional fedora wallpaper I've seen.

Anonymous said...

Fedora is simply the best
One thing i noted in ubuntu 9.10 apha 5 is that they are copying the login window in Fedora, also the looks of Fedora