Friday, 17 July 2009

AdBlock in Midori!

I must have been lucky today... First I installed chromium and now, after trying out latest git snapshot of midori, I've discovered, it can actually block ads (via the included, by default disabled 'Advertisement blocker' extension)! Well, it's pretty lame still as I noticed it only blocks google ads (probably because of missing filters) and adding filters seems to not work (not that I have any filters anyway) and there are loads of 'FIXME' comments in the source code, but I cannot wait till it gets finished :-)

Now, if only I knew how the 'Mouse Gestures' extension is supposed to work (if it works at all), it would totally make the day even more awesome!


Anonymous said...

Things required for a switch:
* Adblock
* flash block
* client side scripting (like greasemonkey)

The last is a must at 100% and while some utility extensions in FF can be substituted with carefully crafted bookmarks (I am not sure it will work in other browsers, but in FF I can run javascript from a bookmark and thus this can be used to start things like Google notebook, blog_to_livejournal with the selection and so on utilities) some can not, for example stupidly made web sites that require user action every now and then to keep you logged in (okay maybe reload tab can do the job here but not in all cases).

Considering how the web is not just content anymore but an application platform it is pretty much essential (IMO) to have client side scripting capabilities to overwrite or control the behavior of the application that run on the client side anyway. Until such point of time when I can put a script to do what I want it to I doubt I will switch from FF. And using multiple applications (browsers) to view different pages is just not me.

Martin said...

malwkgad> * Adblock
well... the post was about this one ;-)
malwkgad> * flash block
midori can disable netscape plugins when loading a page... not exactly the same as flashblock does though... personally I find the best flashblock to be swfdec XD
malwkgad> * client side scripting (like greasemonkey)
I don't use/know this one, so cannot tell whether it works as expected, but there's userscripts tool in midori too.

Anyway, this post was not meant as a teaser for switch over from firefox, but rather a teaser for upcoming improvements in midori ;-)

Simon said...

the user.js support isn't perfect... but...

it's all there

Broda Noel said...

Porque no usar AdBlock

Peoples Cube said...

* Can midori import firefox:adblock plus filters without any cleanup required?

If you fancy chromium you really ought try SRware's fork of Chromium: Iron.

Iron is a much more desirable fork of chromium than chrome ;)

Iron was the first fork to have native adblock support. Sadly that functionality is approaching abandonware.

Fortunately *some* in the Iron fanbase continuously albeit politely advocated for adblock plus forking to Iron... and voila Wladimir Palant produced "adblock plus" extension for iron (that happens to work for chromium). I quoted the extension name because there is a poser extension, "adblock+" floating out there with very little support, nearly zero adblocking experience, that doesn't really block- but merely hide content -- entirely foiling its own name sake. The latter's developer *persona* is hocking the "blocking" extension under a new guiltware model.

oh noes

comma dot semicolon slash


Anonymous said...

All of these can be addressed with loopback proxy

proxomitron allows

there are proxomitron analogues for linux

Anonymous said...

> If you fancy chromium you really ought try SRware's fork of Chromium: Iron.

yes, we were mistaken for endorsing that: Iron is an interweb ad scam. There are several entertaining articles DIFF'ing Iron and Chromium. Use Chromium and _NOT_ Chrome.

Iron's always-mostly-broken adblocking "feature" as been roundly thrashed by untrustworthy-wladimir-palant adBlock "Plus". Untrustworthy now because the firefox extension has a whitelist that trumps all other lists allowing evil google ads always, and enabled by default earning it malware status