Saturday, 9 May 2009

Leonidas – Lion for Single Screens

Well, a lot of people complained that we dropped the lion head from the default Leonidas backgrounds. Let me state it clear, even if you complain about it now it won't change anything. The decision for that was made quite a long time ago and the reasoning is pretty much based on the feed back we recieved and some deeped thinking. You know, the lion head takes up to about 3/4 of the screen and pretty much everything that is above it is either unreadable or hard discern... Now, while the image is nice a cool, it definitely does not make a good default.

But now back to the main topic – I've added the images with lion for single screens. They're not available in rawhide yet (and due to the freeze won't be for some time), but they're already in koji. I hereby request that people test those. For the default ones the main package is leonidas-backgrounds and needs leonidas-backgrounds-common and leonidas-backgrounds-lion-dual. For the lion ones the main is leonidas-backgrounds-lion and leonidas-backgrounds-lion-dual. In case you'd like to test the if the Beta wallpapers are working, leonidas-backgrounds-landscape package is for you.


Charlie said...

Thanks for doing this. Tested and all is well.

santiago angel said...

May be a third choice (for single display) like this could be good.

Antoine said...

Hey Martin, am a fedora 10 user eagerly waiting for Leonidas. I kinda like the Lion head, no problem if it gonna be there though.

What that theme u r using on the screenshots. i would like to have the bottom application bar too. thanks

nicu said...

Martin: thanks a lot, you helped in defusing a conflict inside the team and community!

@santiago angel: probably 3 versions of the wallpaper is a bit too much...

@Antoine: The theme is Echo, for which Martin is a maintainer. Not sure (martin mentioned it a few times, but I forgot) which panel replacement is he using, but IIRC, it is packaged for Fedora.

Martin said...

Antoine, nicu: well, the theme is echo-perspective, but most of the icons are still either from echo or upstream default... There is no replacement for the panel - it's just set to be semi-transparent and made bigger than default ;-)