Friday, 13 February 2009

Latest Nodoka screenshots

Ok, I wanted to test whether file uploads work with WebKit/GTK now, so I decided to use it as an opportunity to show you how nodoka currently looks on my system ;-) I think I'll have to tune the glossy scales a bit more plus maybe draw the progressbar smaller if there is no padding... Come to think of it, I think I might add an engine option for setting the scale through/fill width instead of having it hardcoded for each style. What do you think?


ivazqueznet said...

You're going to hate me. I prefer the buttons in 1, the checkbox, radio button. tabs, and toolbar in 2, and the progress bars and sliders in 3 :P

Anonymous said...

Very well Martin!
I have some comments (all about the modern look):
* The tree labels - they look odd compared to the rest of the picture
* The tab handles should be a bit more different than the classic look I think
* The scrollbar is not right, honestly said I have never liked the look of nodoka's scrollbar, ever since, I am using a pixmap drop in replacement in the standard theme. Unfortunately my imagination is not wild enough to propose a good solution. I hope someone can come up with something.

About the scale widget - I don't think it is that important, the important thing is the colouration (which we already have), but if there are any requests for that (being able to set the width) maybe it will be nice, but I doubt I will ever use that option.

In all the screen shots provided I don't see the menu (and those are the other widgets I sometimes style with pixmap engine on top of the default nodoka), is there any changes in that for the modern look?

And the glassy look is fine, just not my kind of look, so I will not comment on it.

Thanks for sharing the progress.

Martin said...

Some of the widgets have not yet been ported, so there's no point in comparing say the scrollbars, menus, toolbars or tabs, since they differ only in colour ;-) About the rest, well... you can use different styles for different widgets, if you want ;-)

About scrollbars, well they need improving, but I am not sure myself how to make them look good enough.

Anonymous said...

One thing - would it be possible to hide the stripes on the toolbar/menubar like in clearlooks?

Martin said...

malwkgad, possible yes, desirable maybe. I'll keep that suggestion in mind :-)

Anonymous said...

Looking good! Would it be pain to post binaries occasionally for the uncompiling hordes? It's already better than the theme I'm currently using (.7, of course). I'd love to upgrade...

Israel R. Alonso (israrace) said...

It looks great (I like the second version.

Have you thought about animated (from right to the left) progressbar??