Tuesday, 7 October 2008

My New Timetable

Ok, so the winter term finally started and I am comming to school again (yay, this year I am having a bunch of interesting stuff like quantum theory or relativistic physics and it's also about time I start working on my Bachelor's thesis - I'll be working on Space-times of Minkowski and Kerr from a circular orbit). And with that comes the need for new timetable and I enjoy making it looking good. This year I've created one I am pretty much satisfied with so I though I'd share it with you ;-)

Source SVG: http://mso.fedorapeople.org/designs/rozvrh.3.zs.svg

As you can see I used three colours, each with two different variants. Darker versions are for lectures, brighter for excercises. Blue is for mandatory classes, orange for semi-mandatory and green for the rest (classes that are either voluntary or intended for higher study year than I am in). It was made in inkscape and it makes use of layers (ctrl+shift+L) and it is pretty easy and straightforward to edit it to fit your needs.

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